The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – the play in Berlin


On 14th February our English course (Schwerpunktkurs 10) went to watch the English language play “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” performed by “The American Drama Group” at the “Akademie der Künste” in Berlin. “It’s aimed at young people. The play is about a young, lonely boy called Tom Sawyer who lives in the USA by the Mississippi river with his Aunt Polly. He’s really clever and loves to play tricks on everybody. (…)
I personally liked the lighting, scenery and sound effects a lot. These means were used very effectively to catch the audience’s attention. (…) What I liked about the actors and actresses was that they spoke very clearly. Furthermore, their acting skills were excellent. They conveyed lots of emotions and they were even able to play several roles at the same time. I was very fascinated by how quickly they put new clothes on and got into their next role. Protagonists and antagonists were even played by the same people. The music and the singing were good as well but not good enough to give you goosebumps. I absolutely loved the energy and passion of those actors and actresses. You really could see their eyes twinkle. It’s important to mention that the whole play was very dynamic and there was no single scene or moment in which I felt bored by the play (…). So, go see it if you haven’t seen it yet!”