An exciting theatre performance

We watched the dress rehearsal on 9th September and enjoyed it a lot.  We, that are class 7A from Leibniz-School Potsdam and our teachers Mrs Hoyer and Mrs Fruehauf.

We watched “See you later navigator” – a play about an orienteering race through London sponsored by Dr. Quandt. The purpose of the game is to test the intelligence, knowledge and teamwork of teenagers in a race against time. Maddy and Tom navigate their way from one famous London landmark to the next, solving puzzles along the way. But strange things happen…and why does Tom suddenly know all the answers?

S. Frühauf


Some students have written short texts to give feedback to the Platypus theatre team.

You can read them here:


I liked the theatre play because it was so nice and I often laughed. My favourite character was Penelope because she was very good and her robot languages sounded funny. I also liked Maddy – Was it the same actor? – she played so well. I didn’t like Mrs Ryan because she didn’t understand fun. Tom was a bit exhausting because he was so excited and sang a lot.

I think it was funny, when he put on the smart glasses and became suddenly very smart.

I liked the school trip a lot and would like to do it again.    (Lentje)

I liked the theatre performance because it was never boring and the actors were very good.

The first  I liked a lot was when Tom spoke German because it sounded funny. And he spoke German very well. Secondly I liked when he wore the smart glasses and knew all answers. That was also fun.

And I also liked when they sang because they did sing very well and I liked their songs. I found it interesting that every character wore clothes in a different colour. For example Maddy wore green, Tom blue clothes and Mrs Ryan liked pink.

I didn’t like when they were at Madame Tussaud’s in that dark room. Maddy screamed so loudly. And the character I disliked the most was the old woman, the blocker, because she lied to Tom and Maddy.    (Celina)


I liked Tom most because he could dance so well. I didn’t like Maddy that much because she thought she is smarter than she was. And there was Doctor Henry Quandt who was the crazy professor. I liked him quite a lot because of his funny and smart ideas. For example his smart glasses with which one knows everything.

My favourite scene was when Tom and Maddy went to Madame Tussaud’s because the chase with the black person – Was it Doctor Quandt? – was such a fun.

I didn’t like it that Maddy and Tom weren’t in the TV show and didn’t get the money. In the end.    (Bennet)


My class and I went to see the play 2See you later navigator” on Monday the 9th September. A year a go we watched Fox and I really liked both plays.

In my opinion the scene when Tom and Maddy meet each other again after their fight was the best, because they have found the other one again in this big city London and they have understand the other person.

My favourite character was the robot Penelope. I find the person who acted the robot did it very well.

I didn’t like the professor because he has killed so many rats only for his project and I don’t like people who hurt or kill animals. And the professor always said to Penelope “Do this Penelope.” Or “Bring me that Penelope.” Maybe he built her to do the things he tells her but can’t he do them himself?

But I liked the play a lot and hope we ‘ll watch another play .  (Elaine)

I liked the theatre play a lot because it was very interesting and I have learned a lot about London.

My favourite scene was the one when they answered the questions and went to Madame Tussaud’s. I also liked the songs because I like music. I think it’s awesome that four actors played all the roles.

I didn’t like Dr Quandt because he wasn’t honest and lied about the glasses.

I would be very happy I we went to the Platypus Theatre again.   (Clara)

I promise we will do so. (Mrs Fruehauf)

All in all it was good but not perfect I must say.

But first the good things. I liked Tom best because he looked  so strange and did such stupid things. So everyone had to laugh. Another cool thing was when he rapped. So crazy! And the professor was like I imagined a crazy professor to be. I think it was a good idea to show the computer screens a t both sides of the stage. I laughed a lot because every character did something stupid or funny. Only Mrs Ryan didn’t do anything stupid – only when she was the blocker.

But there were also some things I didn’t understand.

First Tom and Maddy decided that they don’t need the smart glasses and that after only one question they answered right. That was too quick for me.

Besides the professor git arrested because he attacked Tom and Maddy at Madame Tussaud’s and stole Toms glasses. To do that only for that reason was a bit too hard for me.

All in all Iiked the play a lot.   (Bastian)

I liked the story because the actors did their parts very well. It was so cool when Tom did “The wave”.  I also liked the song of the strange scientist because he has a good voice. And I love the idea that the smart glasses make you smarter than you normally are.

But what I didn’t understand was the scene when Tom and Maddy were at Madame Tussaud’s in the creepy room. I don’t like Maddy because she thinks she hasn’t got problems and that her life is perfect. But Mrs Ryan was so funny.

All in all it was a great performance and I hope we come to the Platypus Theatre every year.     (Kenny)

I promise we will come again (Mrs Fruehauf)

I personally liked the idea of the play and the play itself a lot. It was not boring at all and I learned something new. And I found it kind of funny and laughed a lot which is another reason I liked the performance.

When I heard the phrase “And he has got 2,000 followers on Instagram”, that boy became my favourite character because I myselflove Instagram.

I liked the girl in his team, too but I disliked the TV- presenter because she had too much energy. As for the other characters they were not my favourites but they were not bad either and all in all I really enjoyed the play.  (Vicky)